The Government has set out to ignore the voices of Māori by ensuring that there is no Māori representation on the panel which will investigate funding allocated to public media, Māori Development spokesperson Nuk Korako says.

“Public media platforms are one of the few avenues Māori have to communicate their views, but the Government’s latest commission - the one that will allocate millions to media organisations - is void of any Maori representation,” Mr Korako says.

“Māori public media platforms including Radio Waatea, Māori Television, and the various regional Maori radio stations rely on public funding, so any decision on the future of Māori public media should include consultation with Māori.

“Are they saying that Māori voices don’t matter? These are the places dedicated to sharing our reo and our stories.

“This panel is extremely important and will essentially decide the future of public media in New Zealand.

“Clearly Labour has been paying lip service to its commitment to Māorii. The pre-election rhetoric is not matching up with its actions now in Government.

“So far Māori have seen very little benefit from the Labour MPs who claim they are there to Māori. The deliberate snubbing of Māori in these appointments is bitterly disappointing.”

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