Nuk Korako’s lost and found member’s bill

Press Releases
Thursday, August 11, 2016

National List MP based in the Port Hills, Nuk Korako, has had his Airport Authorities (Lost Property) Amendment Bill drawn from the ballot today.  The bill will make it easier for travellers to recover lost property.

“The Airport Authorities Act sets out the process a local or airport authority must go through before selling or disposing of lost property, this bill will modernise that process so it is more sensible and flexible,” Mr Korako said.

“The section of law we are amending is around providing the public with information about lost property, giving owners the chance to recover their property before the authority begins the process of sale or disposal.

“The current section of law is restrictive – currently all advertising must be in a newspaper circulating within the district of the airport. There’s no requirement for online notices or other forms of communication.

“Given that travellers who have lost property may or may not live in the same area as the airport, the local paper may not be the most effective means of communication.

“The bill requires authorities to make a fair and reasonable attempt to publicise the sale of lost property as the authority deems appropriate,” Mr Korako said.

Members’ Bills, which are drawn from the ballot, are usually debated by Parliament every second Wednesday the House sits.