Labour-Green alliance concerning for Port Hills

Press Releases
Friday, June 3, 2016

The Green Party’s policy to add extra restrictions on Lyttelton Port Company highlights the costs the Port Hills community could face as a result of Memorandum of Understanding between Labour and the Greens says National List MP based in the Port Hills, Nuk Korako.

“A Green-Labour Government would mean more red tape, and unnecessary and costly delays to Lyttelton port’s, and our community’s, recovery plan,” says Mr Korako.

“In February we marked the opening of Cashin Quay 2 Wharf, which secured Canterbury’s future growth and prosperity by making it the gateway for trade to the South Island – this deal puts achievements like this at risk.

“Cantabrians have had a long road to recovery but we are starting to reap the rewards of our collective efforts over the last five years – we are the second biggest economy in New Zealand with incredible rates of growth.

“A Green-Labour Government would bring that progress to a screaming halt which should be extremely worrying to our community,” says Mr Korako.