Korako congratulates Cashmere High School students on energy prize

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nuk Korako has congratulated Cashmere School on winning the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is awarded to up to 5 high schools globally, to enable schools to complete a project that promotes sustainability. The Prize also has categories recognising the achievements of businesses, non-profits and individuals in the sustainability sector.

“This win is a superb achievement for the school and the students involved in the ecoDriver project,” said Korako.

“Cashmere High School is a great example of a school which is not only teaching its students the importance of sustainability and clean energy, but is putting these principles into action,” said Korako.

“The school has already seen a massive decrease in energy consumption, and the $100,000 it has won will be put to good use generating renewable electricity for use at the school.”